@ C Muschlitz – Really hard to say without seeing how the fan is installed. Insulating basement walls in cold climates is a great way to keep your home warmer and drier. Any recommendations? I can feel the air moving walking up the steps, but would like to move more. You should either replace it or cover that up and go with a gable vent. Not what I was expecting so I was very aggravated and disappointed with this purchase and install. Wouldn’t I just be sucking hot air thru it. 7 openings/vents in my attic, but most of them are only 12″x12″ vents/openings. I’d recommend trying a silicone spray lubricant because they dry and won’t attract dust or other debris. Hi. No, I do not recommend this product. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I NEVER suggested running AC and any type of attic fans. It works great when the air outside is cooler. in my house, and wondered what your thoughts were. All Rights Reserved. Or leave on all year long to prevent HVAC loss. NOTE from Todd: I’m not going to delete this comment, however, I do believe the commenter didn’t really read this article. My hope is that I can share my experience in the home construction, home improvement and home renovation profession with other builders and home owners. I am talking about a solar powered whole house fan that is between your ceiling and attic. Whole house fans typically have some type of louver and/or insulated door that closes when the fan is shut off. However, we do have a little gable vent just like that in our attic, so maybe it just needs a fan installed…or maybe there is a broken one already up there! There is something to be said about clean AC air. GAF should put this in its specs. I grew up with a whole house fan, if not to hot outside it was great. Donna – Whole house fans are really made for “houses” and not a commercial application. I have recessed lights, HVAC, and fire system in the way. Are there any smaller Whole House Fans, less than 4500 cfm? Other options New from $30.48. $347.99. It is used to suck warm air out of the living space up into the attic. ?” I’ve seen sites apparently use the phrases interchangeably, though I don’t know if that’s correct. If I were to relace it with a gable mounted fan do I have to cover up the hole in the roof? Why?? First of all I would NOT recommend installing it into the only access point you have. Stay on topic. The grate Tamarack’s powerful Whole House Fans mount in the attic and rapidly cool your entire home. FREE Shipping. It seems like the existing attic fan is doing what you want to some extent. I am thinking to install a Whole House Fan from Home Depot, but I found bad reviews about the Master Flow brand, so What bran do you know would do better please? You don’t want to be trading cool air for warm air! When we do run the A/C it is only set at 78 deg. A whole house fan is a type of fan, commonly venting into a building's attic, designed to circulate air in a home or building.It is sometimes confused with a powered attic ventilator, which exhausts hot air from the attic to the outside through an opening in the roof or gable at a low velocity. WHOLE HOUSE FAN As the name implies, a whole house fan, is just that … a fan powerful enough to move air through the whole house. When it’s bed time I want to be able to blast the cool evening air through the house … In cooler climates, they make Perfect Sense. I’d get an electrician to look at it and give you a recommendation. Other options New from $30.48. Whole house fans are a very effective way to cool your home. Conditioned air will be drawn out of your home into the attic through cracks, exhaust fans, attic access doors and stairs, around the edges of your cieling, and wall opening where light switches and electrical outlets are located. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. They push hot, stale air out through attic vents or gables while pulling cool, fresh air in through open windows. This is just the sort of (well meaning but) misinformation that is rampant. By clicking on 'Accept' or continuing to use this website, you agree that cookies can be placed. I’m very interested in installing a Whole House Fan, but the smallest one I found is 4500 cfm. When answering, please provide as much information as possible: SKU numbers, full barcodes, manufacturer names and complete title of fan(s). Whole house fans cool you AND your attic; Attic fans only cool the attic - AVOID solar attic fans! Second, do these fans save a significant amount of energy versus central air? 2, the only area up there I could use, is the attic door itself. Whole house fans are usually placed in a ceiling towards the middle of the house. Most effect during the day 4. The gable attic fan helps reduce the attic temperature to help prevent heat transfer down through the insulation and into the living space. I just bought a 4500 sq ft two-story, with full basement. I bought this unit V.S the cheaper one; thinking you get what you pay for…..After 15mins of running the motor gave out and will hardly turn. Would a whole-house fan be suitable? Fan seams well built, I’ll have to wait and see how the bearings hold up and if the blades are balanced. Is there any other HIGHER cfm Gable-Mounted fan with a thermostat? This was actually the perfect article and precisely what I thought. Oh, and one more thimg. What do you think? Reply. Simply not the same performance. Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD Belt Drive 2-Speed Whole House Attic Fan with Shutter, 30 Inch. Todd, I had a gable fan in my old house. That is not true either. Spring is the perfect time to plan these projects…, New DEWALT Job Site Table Saws Models DWE7480, DWE7490X, and DWE7491RS DEWALT recently introduced a new line of portable table saws that include significant updates and features. Can You Run An Attic Fan with the AC on? Both types of fans do different jobs. Reviews: We just installed this fan 9 months ago replacing a whole house fan that had lasted about 10 years. I then wired the switch and outlet and plugged the fan it. Solar attic fans are a great idea, however, they are not the same as a whole house fan. If there is sufficient vented space (gable vents, soffit vents, ridge vents) then the differential pressure caused by the fan will force that air out. Vents in your boxing coupled with ridge vents. When you are mechanically pulling air through your attic, you are creating a situation where the pressure inside your attic is lower than the inside of your home. We have to reach up and push them open and them close them by tapping them when we turn off the fan. It does suck in the outside air and pollen and dust. Looking for a Lowes Coupon? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Whole house fans can actually work fine without a powered gable vent. $30.55 $ 30. Both … An attic fan can quietly cool your attic resulting in cooler homes and improved efficiency of your central air conditioner. When I had my new roof installed in this home the roofer said that the fan wasn’t necessary since I was getting a full ridge vent installed. I do see some people install a roof vent occasionally on a house with ridge vents…this is set up to help cool the attic even more if temperatures get too hot. Would this help keep the house cool? If I put in a gable fan, and leave the door to the attic open would it do the same? The benefits of a whole-house fan. I am going to uninstall and return to HD and look for a better fan that is actually variable speed. Maybe it's time to refinish your deck or add some new decorative touches to your tired deck. I’m thinking roof mount? Since we have some severe allergy sufferers in the house, I did not think the whole house fan made sense. The timer allows the fan to run during the hottest portion of the day. I know this is going to sound completely insane to most people. I have the 3rd floor AND the attic, triangular-shaped like the letter A. I have a non-working attic gable-mounted roof fan, which I’m considering replacing. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It provides good attic ventilation in addition to whole house cooling. Do you think a whole house fan would benefit me? You can’t just email them pic.. U have to mail them one! Good price? Installed the fan, mounted and wired the motor. Want to save 10% on a major purchase at Lowe's? 1. Good luck. Yes, you can mostly run your attic fan with the AC unit if … Whole house fans work great but they will draw outdoor air in so that might be a problem for the allergies…. I’m thinking you’ll need a special type that can go on the roof. My square area of my home is roughly 1300 sq. An aluminum grate is then installed on the ceiling side. And when the AC went out once it was a life saver. Have you tried to lubricate them? I dont go up there for anything, but one day the AC might need service. The problem is at 10 PM it is nice and cool out but the house might still be retaining a lot of heat from the day. With all that being saida few questions: Do gable attic fans blow cool air in, or hot air out? The full house fan will tend to pressurize the attic space and if the attic is close to being “air tight” a higher pressure will be created on the discharge of the fan and it won’t be able to move the designed air volume, so the attic needs to be able to breathe feely. I understand that 4500 cfm coming from the hallway into the attic is 3-times more pressure coming into the attic than what’s coming out of the attic (1600 cfm), BUT I have 5-6 other vents for air to come out of them: so would the excess 2900 cfm be able to get out of the rest of the vents of the attic? How To Insulate Basement Walls Insulating a basement properly is rather challenging in cold climates. Honestly, we were hoping it would last a little longer than 11 months… After several hours of work to install the big fan, it ran less than 5-min before totally dead. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. A gable attic fan is mounted to one of the gable walls in the attic. I would install both. Our attic is extremely hot/swealtering even on 80 degree days, and while we have lots of attic ventilation (new house), it’s mostly little holes near the eves and a decent sized gable vent. I like in the Midwest. The only biggest vent/opening is one, 16″x16″ just for one Gable-mounted attic fan. The big difference is that the attic fan is only designed to cool the air in the attic, because it pulls in air through roof and soffit vents from outside the home instead of through the living area and expels the hot air in the attic outside. I had a very powerful and noisy attic fan that really pulled the air up on out, but I would like one of the new quiet whole house fans instead. I did find the owners manual and noticed a 10 year warranty. I'm full time builder for a large construction company in New Hampshire. I am considering installing a Whole House Fan in my auto inspection shop. If you want to cook your atic with your AC system and then add the additional load fromoutside infiltration, go ahead. (Mine shuts off at around 10:00 usually) If you are considering a solar fan, remeber, your AC may run more than if you got a powered attic fan. When a whole house fan is turned on it helps draw warm air out of the living space while drawing in cooler outside air from open windows. The thing that had me worried, is our one estimate told me they’d have to cut a hole in the roof (this was over the phone) and then my dad got me all worried about them doing it wrong and our roof leaking. The fan is installed in the roof. It’s approx. These fans are used here in New England with very good results as a way to pull cool outside air into the home. Previously I built a box in the attic out of foam boards, but using it is a pain because I have to empty out a closet to get to the attic door and then crawl through deep blown… The attic fan, on the other hand, blows warm air out through the roof or a gable vent and the fresh air is drawn in through the roof and vents. 55. the gable fan ( I would presume it is on a temperature controlled switch) can cool the attic when your not using the whole house fan to help keep your bills down even more. It reduces air-leakage through the whole house attic fan saving the homeowner heating and cooling loss and energy costs. This is what makes attic fans and whole-house … Sally, A whole house fan may help. Bought this unit and it lasted 15 minutes. "A whole-house fan is a fixture that is often located in the ceiling of a home. In this article I'd like to discuss how to insulate basement walls in cold climates. Frankly most states have pretty strict guidelines on both exhaust and fresh air intakes for commercial buildings that have any dangerous fumes (which an auto inspection facility would qualify for). For a fraction of the cost of air conditioning, our fans cool using fresh, outside air. Buy with Latest Price . Can caus… I NEVER suggested running an attic fan while running A/C. I wanted to create a breeze and pull out some of the heat from the cars. Home Construction & Improvement™ is a Trademark of Front Steps Media, LLC. we would open only the windows in the rooms we were in to get max airflow from those windows. House Attic Ceiling Fan Shutter Cover Seal 48" X 48" w/Hook & Loop Tape. Some sites say they suck cool air from the house, others say so long as you have insulation it should keep energy costs down by keeping the house cooler. These cookies do not store any personal information. In effect, what you arte talking about is free cooling. Motor is not good. Lowers heat of the attic air 6. The gable fan could be switched on and off using a thermostat mounted in the attic space to help save energy. what is my best bet for an attic far? This year, the moving cool air and noise of the AC has begun to bother my father, who insists on turning off the air conditioners (he has dementia). They see all the brands and can give you great advice. Cons: variable speed is not good. And what is the strongest fans (in cfm) that fit those dimentions? A gable attic fan can help keep temperatures down in your attic. I'm also a licensed civil and structural engineer with extensive experience in civil and structural design and home construction. I’ve replaced this fan twice now. Don’t waste your time or money, Cons: Noisy, Vibrates, This is the second summer using this fan and I have to climb up and stick my hand through the shutter and spin the fan to get it started. That is great!! Type your search KEYWORDS In the Box Above. I’ve been considering installing an attic fan in my house, and wondered what your thoughts were. Or does anyone know about an adequate solar power whole house fan? Todd says: June 1, 2010 at 7:00 pm Emily – Honestly it sounds like you’ve got a tough situation. I feel this is more of a sign that the slats don’t work well, rather than the fan not suctioning. The whole house fan pulls the warm air from the living rooms into the attic, and fresh air is drawn in through open doors and windows. You open basement windows and allow cool air from below to circulate through the house, as it is forced into the attic. "The Original Whole House Fan Website Online - Since 2001". Robert – I wouldn’t consider myself an HVAC expert so the following are just my thoughts on the subject. DO NOT RUN WHOLE HOUSE FANS WITH THE AC ON!! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It worked fantastic in the hot summers to keep the AC bill down by not turning the ac on. I’m not sure I would recommend this project to most DIY folks. Once I got the door jamb/door frame unit in the attic I screwed the door jamb to the attic wall and removed the wood strips that kept the whole contraption square, shut and manageable. Air that is heated expands. I strongly recommend & believe it to be highly effective for a quick-response cooling of the entire house!! Does anyone know if you can get them to run on a timer? Thank you for the response, Todd! I will be installing a Whole House Fan and hope to limit my use of AC to very little. @ Bill – When was your house built? Best Selling – Cool Attic Whole House Fan with Shutter. I will be drawing air from the furthest location (in the basement) from my stairs through a basement window drawing from a shady part of the house. In some parts of the country they can be a very inexpensive alternative to central air. HI, I so appreciate the opportunity to ask questions from this site. It sounds like an attic fan and a whole house fan are the same thing, but this isn’t true. I live on the highest (3rd floor) level of a condo building. After installing this fan model…I find that the low setting on the variable speed only drops the fan speed to 900 rpm’s from the high setting of 1100 rpm’s. Thanks again! What do you think about that reasoning? We live in Riverside, California and it gets pretty hot here. Here in the South, we usually use economizers to pull fresh cooler outdoor air in and distribute it during cool weather. Gable attic fans are typically much cheaper than whole house fans and also easier to install. Attic fans typically include both thermostats and humidistats so the unit can be controlled for both heat and humidity. If the air outside is hot the whole house fan will do little to cool things down. This system is most effective when the temperature outside drops below the temperature inside the house. Great idea but not something I’ve seen yet. It’s like free AC! My intent was NOT to disagree with you on whole house fans. The cool air that left your home for the attic will now be replaced by unconditioned air from outside. A friend of mine living in a vintage bungalow home showed me what an efficient Whole House Fan can do. My feeling is that the gable vent is not likely working well BECAUSE you have other vents. We have a whole house fan currently in our home, as well as put them into all the homes we build. Electric ones are usually 1200 to 1600 CFM, and they run at night. FREE Shipping. My friend draws his air from his nice cool basement. (we are converting to fully green power). fan is mounted on the ceiling joists in the attic after a hole has been cut out of the ceiling drywall. If it were me I’d be half tempted to cut an access into that area, climb up there and see if there is a way to cut another access from that space into the adjoining accessible attic space. My shop is 30′ x 21′ x 12′ tall. Easy to install 3. I’ve never done one with this little ‘attic’ space. :o) It is placed between the floor joists- and can be positioned nearly anywhere w/in the parameters of the central hall (we aim to not have it w/in direct sight when you come up the stairs for better esthetics). The whole house fan pulls air in from open windows and exhausts it through the attic and roof. can the attic door be the whole house fan, and double as the attic door? Thanks so much. If you run your whole house attic fan for a few minutes to cool down the kitchen after baking, for example, the attic fan can pull much more air out of the house than can enter through an open window. I run their design-build division that specializes in custom homes, commercial design-build projects and sub-divisions. They are typically located in a central hallway to help evenly remove warm air from the living space. The rise in pressure will force the air out of the ridge vent with no problem. Since heat rises, and most the holes are guarded by the roof from wind, I’m thinking there’s a lack of wind movement creating the extreme heat up there. I live in Colorado where we get cool evenings. Battic Door Whole House Attic Ceiling Fan Shutter Seal Cover, Fits up to 36" X 48" Attic Fan Shutters. The attic gable fan also needs a sufficent inlet area for the outside air at the opposite end of the attic to allow an air flow path through the attic for it to be most effective. Emily – Honestly it sounds like you’ve got a tough situation. The gable attic fan is connected to a proper power supply and a timer. I'm also the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Tool Box Buzz. There are two basic styles of whole house exhaust fans. The Whole house fans could be actually a very good suplement to a HVAC system to help you save on your electricity bill as well! However, attic fans are not really designed to pull that much air. First, is an attic fan the same thing as a “. How efficient are they? Lastly, what’s the difference between an attic fan and basically a regular fan? ft., or so. Our fan was recently replaced, but the part in the ceiling was not. Basically, cut the dry wall out, lift it up in there, and install from inside the house? Natural ventilation. 2. Read some other reviews and you’ll see a common problem. The new line includes 3 new models; DWE7480 - 10" Compact Table Saw, DWE7491X - 10" Table Saw with Scissor Stand, and DWE7491RS - 10" Table Saw with…. Marrisa wrote to me and wants to know about whole house fans vs attic fans. It is built inside a metal building twice the size of my shop. Sorry for the confusion! Not to be confused with a whole house fan, an attic exhaust fan keeps the living space of your home cooler by eliminating heat build-up in your attic. @ Bill – I think you completely mis-understood this article. You can probably cut in the unit and get it ready then hire an electrician to wire it up. Hi My roof mounted attic fan stopped working. I appreciate it. This is great info. $500 seems to be a fair price. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, and sometimes more, allowing them to stay much cooler the following day (the principle of … We noticed the fan was becoming increasingly louder and then one evening went to turn it on and the motor is completely fried. Gable Attic Fans – are mounted to the gable wall inside the attic behind a decorative louver. Thanks! The attic has floor boards for storage and a pull down ladder. 3. it creates an artificial breeze coming in from the outside. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. The Battic Door Whole House Attic Fan Ceiling Shutter Seal is easily installed over the fan louver from the house side in the fall and removed in the spring. Typically they are quieter, more efficient, and have automatically closing doors. Thanks for any leads on improving the cooling situation for my parents (and often me). I know it sounds dumb. There are advantages to each type of installation. With the cars running my shop gets over 120 degrees in summer. I want to install a whole house fan (had one before) there is no clean space in my attic for it. Keep it clean. Went back to the store and got another, it lasted 15 minutes. This is why it is important to only by American. Does the whole house fan work well when the temperature is hotter outside than in? Philip, gable fans blow hot air out. I’ve wanted to install a whole house fan for quite a while. I do not have AC. I hope you’ll go back and re-read my information and correct your statements. over 21 ys. Paid for it both times as I couldn’t get any help from the company. There is a huge difference between Gable Attic Fan and a Whole House Fan. And to add insult to injury, you are using (waisting) additional energy to operate the attic fan that is causing this mess! Last… Whole House Fans can also help keep upper floors cool when your AC below isn’t adequate. Whole-house fans have helped cool homes for a century. Thanks so much. DeeJay- First off I don’t really like to see gable vents used with ridge vents because they can “short circuit” the function of the ridge vent. Old school. Your point about dusty air being sucked in really changed my mind about a whole house fan! Since, what I have is so old, will it be hard to replace and not leave a leaky roof? 3.9 out of 5 stars 187. We bought an older home and are planning to get a new roof installed this summer. I recommends going with a commercial exhaust system that incorporates fresh air. This drop is certainly not significant and hardly allows me to run the fan during the night as it sucks in too much air. I really wanted it in thie one area. 55. I would install in on my celing with the air venting to the unused space in the building. Motor barely turns. Secondly, it gets extremely hot in my 3rd floor. I was talking to a green building guy earlier this summer who recommended one, but again my dad said that regular attic fans probably save more money in AC costs than the use in electricity any way. My question or concern is that our slats in the hall ceiling do not open easily on their own. The fan is used to remove hot air from the attic space in order to limit heat transfer to the living space below. This helps keep warm and cold air out of the living space when the unit is not being used. Guess I have to replace the motor? For more information, check out our, Turning The Heat On For The First Time This Season, More Home Improvement Cost Savings articles », DEWALT Table Saws DWE7480, DWE7490X, DWE7491RS. As summer quickly approaches I wanted to share an archived post about whole house fans and gable attic fans. (They move 500 cubic feet of air per minute). I myself would not install it in your current ladder location. Frankly I think you should stop by an electrical supply shop and ask them for a recommendation. (Not an attic vent fan that sits on the roof top). Sounds like a whole house fan would fit the bill nicely. It is common to have basements where I live. Be nice. Feel Free To Call Us with any Questions 1.888-229-5757, DBA Whole House Fans29021 Ave Sherman STE 103Valencia, CA 91355, Toll Free: 1.888.229.5757 Direct: 1.661-775-5979. The main point of my comments was to stimulate conversations on mechanical attic ventilation pros and cons. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Whole House & Attic Fan Checklist. Gable fans/vents really shouldn’t be used in conjunction with ridge vents. While an attic fan helps to keep hot attic heat from getting into your living spaces below, a whole house fan draws in the fresh, cooler evening air through your open windows and forces out the stale, warm, contaminated air from your home. 4. I would also ask for a quote from an electrician and find out what he/she proposes. In the past couple of decades, my parents have gotten a couple of single-room air conditioners (upstairs office and their bedroom) to supplement this system on the hottest days—we all still prefer fresh air when reasonably cool. No, prove its cost-efficient 2. Both fans are heavy duty fans and built for this application. By installing a Tamarack Whole House Fan , you will keep your home comfortable and healthy! It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. My basement is a full basement and keeps to a nice cool 68F even on days over 100F. No, I do not recommend this product. However, special care should be used when insulating…, Get 10% of with a Lowes Coupon NOTE: Home Construction & Improvement is not affiliated with Lowe's. I am converting a 24’x30′ barn with 10′ walls and 4′ high roof into living space. You may wan to check this website and others to verify my claim. Thanks. Also, is this how it’s done currently? It’s already getting very warm in the crawl space attic. I have to spin it with a broom to get it going and then flip the switch. Could you tell me how many gable attic fans should be used per how many sq ft of attic space we have? Whole house fans can be very effective in cooling down a house in the morning and evening hours. Whole-house fans therefore don't work very well when the outdoor temperature is much higher than the indoor temperature or when the outdoor humidity is … Often times we’ll see insufficient soffit venting which doesn’t allow sufficient air flow. They are intended to draw in cooler outside air. There are too many brands to choose from. Most Effective Usage. Read this comment with a grain of salt. Search for more articles here. While a smaller fan can move 600-1200 CFM, a Whole House Fan will move from 1500 to over 10,000 CFM. Here I am making up a budget for home improvements, with an attic fan at the top of the list! even when it’s approaching 100 outside. Measure the widest part of the whole-house fan, working inside the room where the fan is located and not inside the attic.
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